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Need a resource for math instruction, check here. This is a collaborative and continually developing location to utilize for math related instruction, resources and ideas.

Welcome to the Erin School Staff Course. This site is used as a way to teach staff, offer feedback related to building, course, and curriculum development and share resources.

This course is intended to further your understanding about what different careers do and what skills are necessary for a variety of career paths you may wish to take.

This is a course designed to support the interworkings of your mind, body and soul!

Welcome to Mrs. Azoff's and Mrs. Hahn's Virtual Classroom

This course includes the Trimester Assessments for 4th Grade

Welcome to the 4th Grade Science virtual classroom.  Please see Mrs. Miller or Mr. Platais if you have any issues gaining access.

Fourth Grade focuses the social studies content on learning about the state of Wisconsin.  This class will also include current events and map skills, both locally and globally.

Welcome to the 5th Grade Virtual Classroom

This is a course for middle school students to engage in reading discussion throughout the summer.
This course is for 8th graders only.
This course is only for seventh graders.
This course is for sixth graders only.

This class will only be available from June 7 - August 27.  It is intended for students to practice and maintain their math skills.  Activities are meant to be mathematically engaging and utilize skills students either have or will obtain through middle school math. 

This course is designed for 6th grade math.

This course will delve into a myriad of discoveries, principles and deeper understandings of our world and everything in it.

Welcome to Ms. Gerth's Virtual Classroom

¿Qué hora es?

Spanish One is a high school level class intended to expand student's learning opportunities and develop a basic ability to use the language.